9 Family Activities To Do On Father’s Day That Are Better Than Gifts

Things To Do With Dad In Singapore

For some reason or another, Mother’s Day always gets more attention than Father’s Day which is a shame because dads deserve to be celebrated as well! As Father’s Day is coming around the corner, how are you choosing to show your appreciation and love for the main guy in your family?

We understand that not all dads are the same—some prefer being outdoors, basking in the sunlight while others enjoy their quiet time indoors. If you are unable to make up your mind, we made things simple with a list of 9 Family Activities To Do On Father’s Day In Singapore. READ ON

Father’s Day Dinner Singapore 2013

&Made Burger

It is not difficult to please a man – just give him the typical man’s comfort food like pizzas, burgers, fried food and steaks and he will grin from ear to ear. So, this Father’s Day, show your dad how much he means to you and bring him to one of the following dining destinations.

Here is our guide to Father’s Day Dinner in Singapore.


Father’s Day Dinner Singapore 2012

Roadhouse Burgers

Men are different from women in many ways. One of the most prominent differences is the things we eat; studies have shown that guys love their meat, while women like sweet stuff.

Burgers, steaks, pizzas, chicken wings are some of the favourite foods for men. Throw in beer and chips – you will make them the happiest lad in the world. Below, I have recommended some places for Father’s Day Dinner 2012.