13 Ways To Live Like A Local Because You Are No Mainstream Tourist

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Travelling has evolved a lot since our adolescent days. Visiting touristy attractions were possibly the main agenda back then, but most of us now are no longer satisfied with the mere act of ticking off these iconic sightseeing places.

Instead, an increasing number of travellers are craving for an authentic local experience and immersing themselves in the lives of natives.

Perhaps the need to “escape” is no longer present for we now feel the need to educate ourselves with foreign cultural experiences – which really isn’t a bad thing. From living in a local town, partaking in cooking classes, sampling street food to walking whenever possible, here are 13 ways to live like a local while one is on a vacation.


8 Beautiful And Affordable Airbnbs In Malaysia To Escape To

Airbnb Apartments In MalaysiaPhoto Credit: Airbnb

You do not need to fly to exotic locations for an affordable, pocket-friendly getaway. Instead, try looking towards these beautiful Airbnb locations all around Malaysia.

They are cosy and beautiful in their respective ways, and more importantly, affordable.

There is definitely something for everyone – from luxurious seafront homes overlooking the ocean to more traditional-looking bungalows, and modern, quirky spots that will make you feel right at home. Here are 8 Beautiful And Affordable Airbnbs In Malaysia To Escape To.


Top 10 Things We Like About Airbnb


What do you think of when you travel? Whether air tickets are within your budget, or if taxis are exorbitant to hire? What about accommodation? What are your thoughts when it comes to your bed (and breakfast)?

There is no lack of properties to put up at wherever you travel to, because tourism has evolved and the world is definitely chalking up on the supply to meet the demands. And if you ask us, accommodation attributes largely to your overall experience – whatever kind of holiday you take.

While we love our huge beds and fluffy sheets of commercialised hotels, we enjoy blending in to local cultures and truly experience living like a local. Which is why we have been such believers of Airbnb. In our recent trip to Italy, all our accommodations were booked via Airbnb and we could not be more pleased with the experience.

Venice apartment

For the uninitiated, Airbnb www.airbnb.com.sg is a booking website that offers accommodations all over the world and they are uniquely localized – think staying in a local’s summer house, with the entire apartment to yourself. You have the whole master bedroom to yourself, you can watch TV in the living room, you can cook breakfast, you can do your laundry…

Today, we share with you 10 reasons why we love Airbnb so much, and as we wrote this post, we were already counting down to our next Airbnb experience!