8 Ways To Have An Epic Solo Trip #YOLO

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So you have decided to embark on your solo trip and it can be pretty nerve wrecking if this is your first time. Even for seasoned solo travelers, there is no guarantee that they will not meet with challenges along the way.

An issue that is prominent but not talked about often is the loneliness one feels when traveling alone. Oh, you will be surprised how lonely people actually feel at times on their solo trip behind all those glamorous Instagram pictures you see on their feed.

Still, this should not stop you from going after your dream to see the world. Whether you are reading this as a form of preparation before you go for your trip or are currently traveling, here are 8 Ways To Have Fun On A Solo Trip. READ ON

Tips for Travelling Alone

Solo Travel Tips

I recently travelled to New York City and it was my second time travelling by myself. I’m more of an outgoing person, so I wasn’t that apprehensive about it. But I know that for most people, travelling alone can be a really anxious thing, especially if one had to travel by herself, for example, if she was on a business trip and have some free time alone to wander about the city.

However, the good news is that travelling solo is not a bad thing at all; there are several advantages for it and further below are tips for travelling alone.


Travel Tips for Solo Travellers

Travelling tips

Travel Tips for Solo Travellers

I vividly remember my first experience of travelling to a foreign city alone. A few years ago, I went to Kuala Lumper to visit my food blogger friends. While it was a relatively short trip, it was enough to get me hooked on the idea of travelling alone.

I was intoxicated by the idea of venturing out to see the world by myself. A few months after my Kuala Lumpur trip, I took the plunge and went on an solo adventure to Sydney. Ever since then, I never looked back.

I like travelling alone because I feel that it gives us the opportunity to rediscover and find out more about ourselves.

If you’ve always wanted to travel alone, plan a trip and go for it! I promise you will be rewarded by the experience. But before you go, let me share some tips on travelling alone.