12 Awesome Cafes in Bali’s Ubud You Never Knew About

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Ubud is an unmissable enchanting destination for countless of reasons and over the years, the Balinese town has built up quite a reputation for itself with its impressive selection of healthy cafes. These casual Indonesian eateries are characterised by its affordability and deliciousness – no wonder, the expat community is growing exponentially!

From dessert speciality Caramel Patisserie & Cafe, third-wave coffee shop Seniman Coffee Studio to organic bistro Clear Cafe, here is our Guide to 12 Awesome Cafes in Ubud, Bali.


Trekking Up Mount Batur in Bali Before Sunrise – 9 Things One Should Expect and Prepare For


We love Bali for a sheer number of reasons; its beautiful beach clubs, serene rice paddies, mouthwatering Balinese cuisine, therapeutic body massages and more. But the highlight of our recent trip to Bali was the strenuous hike up Mount Batur – an active volcano located 1,717 metres above sea level – where we caught the most gorgeous sunrise in our entire lifetime.

Like most other travellers, we wanted to catch the glorious sun rising from the horizon and that meant we had to start our ascent at an unearthly 4am in complete darkness. Armed with nothing but a mini torchlight, we navigated our way up the unpaved mountain. The route was extremely steep and narrow, and we urge those suffering from scotophobia and acrophobia to think twice.

But trust us, the high from watching the stunning sunrise is absolutely worth the physical pain. From sacrificing sleep, hiking in pitch darkness to wearing appropriate clothing, here are 9 Things One Should Expect and Prepare For When Trekking Up Mount Batur Before Sunrise.


Bali’s Destination Travel Guide

Nusa Dua Beach

Fancy restaurants, cool beach clubs, and chic lifestyle boutiques – that makes up Seminyak, perhaps one of the most popular destinations in Bali. But if you like partying or surfing, backpackers’ heaven in Kuta is the place for you. For those who are on a journey to seek solace and to hideaway in peace and calmness, the luxury 5-star beach resorts in Nusa Dua will be your cup of tea.

Couples on honeymoon should check out romantic villas in Jimbaran – a sleepy seaside village known for the freshest seafood and gorgeous sunsets. Ubud, the heart and soul of the real Bali, remains a popular spot for visitors who are seeking spiritual enlightenment and cultural realisations.

Here is our Bali’s destination travel guide where we cover the five different areas on the island of Gods.


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