8 Best Cities in Spain to Visit – And The Attractions You Must Not Miss

segovia aqeduct

Everyone knows Spain for their famous tapas and sangria, but did you know that according to Maps of World, there are at least 50 major Spanish cities? While this is great news for travellers who suffer from insatiable wanderlust, it has certainly made travel planning a little tougher for those who wish to see them all but have limited time and spending power.

The differing climates, demographics and history have shaped each destination into an inherently different Spanish city. Barcelona is arguably most visited for its captivating architecture work by Antoni Gaudi, Segovia is popular for its UNESCO World Heritage-listed ancient Roman Aqueduct, while Pamplona is renowned for its Running of the Bulls festival etc.

And then, we have many many many more.

From Ibiza, San Sebastian to Granada, here are 8 Best Cities in Spain to Visit and The Attractions You Must Not Miss.