10 Cafes in Hong Kong

Cafes in Hong Kong

The coffee trend in Hong Kong is starting to catch up, and there are quite a number of independently owned cafes that are hip and trendy. During my recent trip, I had the chance to visit many of them, and here’s a list of cafes and coffee places in Hong Kong that are worth checking out.


Prego Italian Restaurant Fairmont Singapore

Prego Restaurant

I’ve always walked past Prego Italian Restaurant when I am at Raffles City, but for some reason I never visited it. Thankfully, the good people at Fairmont Singapore invited me over for lunch, and I had a great meal there.

I wasn’t expecting much of Prego, if only because there are too many mediocre Italian restaurants in town, so I was pleasantly surprised to find that this was one of the better ones that I’d tried in recent months.


Nestle Celebrates 100 Years in Singapore

Nestle 100 Years

Last month, I had the chance to visit Nestle’s headquarters in Switzerland and it was a amazing trip as I learned so much about the brand.

Nestle, the world’s leading Nutrition, Health and Wellness company, is a familiar name for everyone. From your favourite Milo, to KitKat and Smarties, to Nespresso and Maggi – these are products that have accompanied us for many years, and are firmly part of our daily lives.

This year, Nestle celebrates its 100 years in Singapore. It has built a special bond with Singaporeans by being present in our lives through the offering of nourishing products enjoyed by all in the family.

As part of its celebration, the company has started an initiative “Nestle 100 Wishes” to fulfil the wishes of 100 lucky people this year. It’s really nice to see a big company like Nestle giving back to the community.

Do drop by Nestle’s website to find out more about the 100 years celebration. Next week, I will be sharing more about our trip to Nestle’s headquarters and chocolate factory.

Full Disclosure & Fine Print: I travelled to Switzerland as a guest of Nestle and Finnair. No monetary benefits were received, only air tickets and hotel accommodations were sponsored.

Studio M Hotel Singapore

Studio M Hotel

“Can you recommend me a decent and affordable hotel in Singapore with a good location?” I get this question a lot from visiting friends and readers.

If you have friends who are asking for advice on where to stay in Singapore, or if you are looking to go on a staycation during the weekend, Studio M Hotel is the place to consider.


15 of The Best Chocolate Lava Cakes in Singapore That You Must Try Before You Die

3 inch sin lava cake

This guide to the best chocolate lava cakes in Singapore was last updated on 14 April 2015.

Molten chocolate cake, warm chocolate cake, hot chocolate fondant, chocolate lava cake – call it whatever you want, a warm molten chocolate lava cake with a scoop of ice cream is immensely satisfying, and a must-order whenever we see it on the menu.

Here is a guide to the best chocolate lava cakes in Singapore.


5 Cafes to Visit in Seoul Korea

HelloKitty Cafe

The Seoul City never sleeps; shops open till an astonishing 4.30am! Jet-lagged? Fret not. The beautiful cafes and aromatic coffees in Seoul will definitely liven up your soul. In every corner of every street, there would be at least one pretty café waiting for your entrance.

In my recent trip, I have narrowed my list to 5 cafes in Seoul that are notably worth making a trip to. You can immerse yourself into the land of Hello Kitty, sink your teeth into tea flavoured desserts, sip your beverage with 30 purring cats, eat your pasta in bowls made of bread and sample meat infused with tofu.


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