Okinawa Food Guide – 11 Restaurants & Cafes You Must Dine At

Okinawa Restaurants

Okinawa is home to an enclave of good restaurants and cafes.

While Japanese food is widely popular, Okinawan cuisine is slightly under the radar, and it is a shame because they are unique in its own rights. The cuisine is highly influenced by its region, hence a mix of Japanese and Chinese.

When visiting Okinawa, you have to try both their local eateries as well as renown cafes and restaurants for a comprehensive idea of what the Japanese island-city has to offer. Here, we present to you theĀ 11 Restaurants & Cafes in Okinawa You Must Try.


10 Reasons To Visit Okinawa


Okinawa sits on the Southern-most tip of Japan, surrounded by water and with a primarily tropical climate. The prefecture has rich culture and heritage to boast, and it is an upcoming Japanese destination among travellers.

Of onsen resorts, water activities, great food and spellbindingly beautiful sceneries, Okinawa is quite unlike the big Japanese cities like Tokyo and Osaka. Okinawa will enchant with its island life and resort-style experiences.

Cape Manzamou

Okinawa is hugely influenced by Chinese culture from when the prefecture was once called Ryuku Islands – which was anĀ independent kingdom and tributary state to China for several centuries. Hence, some of the customs and cuisine differ slightly from the Japan we know.

Thanks to the Okinawa Prefectural Government, we had a chance to experience this part of Japan and were brought around to have a taste of the best of this lovely cluster of islands.