The Ultimate Guide To London’s 72 Best Cafes & Coffee Shops

London Best Cafes

London is home to some of the best cafes in the world.

The diverse city that houses people of different cultures brings about a myriad of ideas and inspirations, and this has translated into the exhaustive array of thematic cafes, coffee-making techniques and culinary impressions, and architectural wows.

Good cafes are sprawled all over the British city. From residential neighbourhoods to CBD to the bustling city centre, good cafes are everywhere.

It is an endless quest and we are constantly being awed by new joints with every visit. It took us several years to visit numerous cafes in the city and here’s our picks on London’s best cafes and coffee shops.


London’s Popular Brunch Spots


No matter which part of the world you’re in, having brunch is always a decadent affair. The simple joy of being able to wake up late and fill your stomach with delectable food is an essential part of any lazy weekend. Especially in a place like London, where the weather is often gloomy, there’s no better place to take refuge from the rain, cold, and wind than a warm restaurant serving a good weekend brunch.

Luckily, for those of us residing in the city, the list of places to have brunch in London is extensive. With the company of a few fellow brunch enthusiasts, I have recently set out on a mission to try as many of these popular brunch spots in London. Here are the ones I have visited so far: