Délifrance Singapore – 4 New Flavour Bursting Croissants With Salted Egg Yolk & Nutella


Bakery-cum-café Délifrance – a leading pioneer of artisanal French pastries – is a reputable household name in Singapore that everyone knows.

Just when you thought their French Butter Croissant is all to love, wait till you find out about what they have up their sleeves lately!

The renowned brand recently launched a series of gourmet Halal-certified mini flavour bursting croissants, and they are available in the following flavours – Cookie Butter, Hazel O’tella, P’Nut Lava and Salted Egg.

These handcrafted croissants are baked fresh daily, and each sweet treat is stuffed with generous amounts of fillings so that it bursts with flavour with every bite.

From now till 19 June 2016, all of you are entitled to a complimentary croissant with every three pieces purchased. All you have to do is to simply share this blog post on your Facebook, flash it to the Délifrance’s staff.


The Original Salted Egg Yolk Croissant From Urban Bakery In Hong Kong

Liu Sha Croissant

The salted egg yolk croissant trend has been catching up in our region, with cafes in Singapore, Johor Bahru and Kuala Lumpur coming up with their renditions of croissants that are filled with salted egg yolk.

Suddenly, everyone’s all about salted egg yolk croissant. Like, everyone.

But do you know that the original salted egg yolk croissant was first created by Urban Bakery Works in Hong Kong?