Délifrance Singapore – 4 New Flavour Bursting Croissants With Salted Egg Yolk & Nutella


Bakery-cum-café Délifrance – a leading pioneer of artisanal French pastries – is a reputable household name in Singapore that everyone knows.

Just when you thought their French Butter Croissant is all to love, wait till you find out about what they have up their sleeves lately!

The renowned brand recently launched a series of gourmet Halal-certified mini flavour bursting croissants, and they are available in the following flavours – Cookie Butter, Hazel O’tella, P’Nut Lava and Salted Egg.

These handcrafted croissants are baked fresh daily, and each sweet treat is stuffed with generous amounts of fillings so that it bursts with flavour with every bite.

From now till 19 June 2016, all of you are entitled to a complimentary croissant with every three pieces purchased. All you have to do is to simply share this blog post on your Facebook, flash it to the Délifrance’s staff.

Délifrance’s talented pastry team has successfully integrated flavours that we all love into their authentic French croissants; the end result is a series of delightful snacks that can be eaten at any time of the day.


These palm-size treats are ideal for quick-fix breakfasts, snacks to be served at events, or any time you need some happy food to brighten your day!

cookie butter deli

Each croissant at Délifrance is prepared with painstaking craftsmanship; 27 layers have been created to achieve a luscious honeycomb structure. Délifrance takes pride in serving the freshest and tastiest authentic French croissants. This dedication includes importing all the flour and butter used directly from France.

Délifrance’s croissants are characterised by the alternating distinct layers of crustiness and flakiness. The crescent-shaped pastries are crisp on the outside and wonderfully fluffy and buttery inside. This is truly what a good croissant should be like!


Délifrance has added final touches to the croissants by incorporating ingredients with contrasting textures.

The P’Nut Lava croissants are topped with desiccated coconut shreds, and are for those who prefer a rich, creamy sweetness.

Then, there is the Hazel O’tella which are essentially Nutella-filled croissants sprinkled with chopped almond. What’s better than a buttery croissant?

Délifrance’s Nutella-filled croissant, of course! Think savoury butter saltiness coupled with contrasting creamy sweetness from Nutella; the end result is a luscious treat with every bite of the Hazel O’tella.

delifrance singapore croissant

The Salted Egg croissants made with real salted egg yolk and they are covered in sesame seeds to give it a nice bite while enhancing the saltiness with a subtle hint of fragrance.

The Cookie Butter croissants finished with Biscoff caramelized biscuit crumbs are such sheer delights that really got us cookie lovers swooning. The kids will love this too.

Trust us that one flavour-bursting croissant is not enough!

You would probably expect such high-quality delicacies to be pricey, but these are affordable luxuries at S$2.30 each and S$6 for three.

nutella deli

If you are buying these croissants to go, you need not eat them cold. To restore the cold croissants to its fresh-from-the-oven glorious state, preheat your oven to 170 degrees celsius, then put the croissants in for 30 seconds to warm them up.

It is worth mentioning that the croissants actually do still taste good when left outside in room temperature. But of course, nothing beats a lukewarm croissant oozing the flavours we all love!

This post is brought to you by Délifrance Singapore.