8 Photography Spots In Singapore That We hardly See On Instagram

Instagram Worthy Places Collage

We now live in an era where social media is king, where your online presence is more important than anything else. When spending hours taking #OOTDs of your significant other, for him or her to boost their own public appeal via Instagram is more important than quality time. It’s sad, for the most part, pathetic, but it is what it is—the future.

Singapore, despite being a tiny island, has its own fair share of places where you can nail that perfect shot. With its combination of high-rise buildings, beautiful greenery and sleek architecture, our sunny little island is the perfect canvas for you to play around with to achieve captivating Insta-worthy photos be it edgy, street-style photography or beautiful natural landscapes.

If you are, however, running out of ideas on where to take your next #OOTD or bring your overseas friends, fret not because here is a list of 8 photography spots in Singapore to explore with your squad. READ ON

10 Signs You Are An Instagram Addict – And What You Should Do About It

Instagram Addict

It doesn’t matter where you are, your live Instagram entertainment is always a scroll away. Providing a window of opportunities for its users, Instagram has been making waves since its debut in October 2010, and its thriving popularity is evident across the globe.

For many Instagram addicts alike, it didn’t happen if you didn’t Instagram it. Here is a fun checklist to identify if you have subconsciously evolved into an Instagram addict.


Life is delicious in Singapore


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100,000 Followers on Instagram


Wow. 100,000 followers on Instagram! Wow.

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11,000 followers on Instagram

ladyironchef instagram

Wow. I don’t know what to say. I’ve only started using instagram back in March, and now there are 11,000 followers. Thank you for your support.

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