5 Foods In Iceland To Try & To Know The Icelandic Cuisine Better

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From waterfalls to the Northern Lights, we are no strangers to the natural beauty that can be found in Iceland. Originating from Scandinavian cuisine after the Vikings settled in Iceland, Icelandic cuisine is not common and is probably something you can experience only when you’re there.

Some might be too exotic for our taste buds, but nonetheless here are 5 foods to get you acquainted with Icelandic cuisine. READ ON

Iceland Travel Guide – 7 Things To Do in The Land Of Fire And Ice

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The land of fire and ice, Iceland is one place you must visit in your lifetime. From majestic waterfalls and black-sand beaches to glacier lagoons and volcanoes, Iceland has it all. This Arctic island exudes different charms from season to season but the landscapes remain picturesque.

Although photos simply don’t do justice to the beauty of the raw wilderness and natural wonders in Iceland, here are 7 things to do in Iceland that will hopefully inspire you to make a trip there. READ ON

7 Reasons Why Iceland Should Be On The Top Of Your Bucket List


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One of the most magical places on Earth has to be Iceland. Its charm is like no other, with natural wonders in the form of both ice and fire elements from the volcanoes and ice glaciers.

Known for boasting the most beautiful landscapes, Iceland is mystical, alluring and wild. There is no knowing what you will find at every turn, for the place is a vast volcanic site home to endless geysers, ice caves, waterfalls, volcanoes and much more.

Its beauty has intrigued many travellers and explorers over the past decade, which means that the number of visitors has increased significantly. Despite so, Iceland still retains all of its magic till today.

And if you have been thinking of where you should go on your next holiday, here are 7 Reasons Why Iceland Should Be On The Top Of Your Bucket List. READ ON