Travel Made Different – A Travel Platform To Help With All Your Holiday Itineraries

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Travel Made Different has really made our travels different. Are you tired of skimming through lengthy online travel reviews to pick out the best recommendations there are to check out? Do you find yourself scrolling through Instagram and/or Pinterest to gain inspiration for your next vacation?

With the launch of NTUC Income’s new online platform, Travel Made Different, travellers can now plan their upcoming holidays in Pinterest style and export their visual itineraries to their smartphones.

Travel Made Different

These days, travellers are no longer satisfied with mundane touristy activities. Instead, they are looking for local experiences and hidden gems during their travels. More than these, planning the itinerary is part of the fun of the holiday itself.

And that is why Travel Made Different embraces this trend, and should be everyone’s go-to platform when we plan our itineraries.


How To Decide Where To Go For Your Next Holiday

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So many places to visit, so little time. Ugh, we feel you. First world problems, right? The world’s your pearly little oyster and you feel your wanderlust starting to tickle, but you have absolutely no idea where to next.

Should you fly halfway across the globe to immerse yourself in the bright lights of glittering cities? Or put on your adventure cap for a nearby journey to see some of nature’s finest?

You could just make a list of your top few destinations and then narrow them down from there… But what should you take into consideration? Which elements carry more weight than others? We’ve got tips at hand for you to zero in from endless possibilities to the one.