Travel Made Different – A Travel Platform To Help With All Your Holiday Itineraries

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Travel Made Different has really made our travels different. Are you tired of skimming through lengthy online travel reviews to pick out the best recommendations there are to check out? Do you find yourself scrolling through Instagram and/or Pinterest to gain inspiration for your next vacation?

With the launch of NTUC Income’s new online platform, Travel Made Different, travellers can now plan their upcoming holidays in Pinterest style and export their visual itineraries to their smartphones.

Travel Made Different

These days, travellers are no longer satisfied with mundane touristy activities. Instead, they are looking for local experiences and hidden gems during their travels. More than these, planning the itinerary is part of the fun of the holiday itself.

And that is why Travel Made Different embraces this trend, and should be everyone’s go-to platform when we plan our itineraries.



We are not going to complicate things. Just think of Travel Made Different as a fine hybrid of Instagram and Pinterest.

Travel Made Different’s comprehensive hub of photos reduces the hassle of planning and enables travellers to effectively explore the road less travelled. And the platform is super easy to use! Have a try – hop over to, key in some searches and gather inspiration from people who have already been to your destination(s) of choice.


The exposure to a daily bombardment of advertisements has drastically reduced the attention span of modern age civilians. The preference for visuals over words is evident with the rise of pictorial apps Instagram and Pinterest. After all, a picture speaks a thousand words!

Travel Made Different is all about stirring your inner wanderlust. Make an itinerary for your next trip on Travel Made Different. We love looking at all the photos of everyone’s favourite eating places and hidden gems around the world.

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The community is a large group of like-minded individuals who are passionate travellers. These tech-savvy cultured holidaymakers are always on the lookout for intriguing experiences, and are ever eager to share their voyages on Instagram with the hashtag #TravelMadeDifferent.

Be inspired by fellow travellers; explore underrated places and appreciate the local way of life. Those who have had recent first-hand experiences are always generous with sharing their respective escapades and travel moments with all on the Travel Made Different portal.

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Whatever you want to research for your travels, simply search based on the hashtag (e.g. #, #, # ) and all the relevant and tagged photos will appear for your browsing.

Browse through travellers’ recommendations based on activities, cities, food, travellers’ recommendations and other interesting themes (e.g. #BucketList, #BeOurGuide, #SSBD). The images are updated in real-time and you will always be updated by the most recent travel discoveries.

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It is a piece of cake – simply create a travel log at and accumulate valuable travel resources from a series of curated Instagram images.

A most beneficial feature of Travel Made Different would be the ability to effortlessly create your own personalised itineraries and exporting them into pdf files. And these logs can be easily accessed from your mobile for references during your travels; gone are the days when we find ourselves lost in a street and not knowing what to do next.

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Last month, we took a trip to New York City and spent two weeks exploring the amazing Big Apple. Despite the 23-hour flight, New York City is slowly becoming a favourite destination among Asian travellers. There is so much to discover in that concrete jungle where dreams are made of.

We promised to showcase the highlights of our trip, and so, we tagged our Instagram photos with the ‘Must Sees’, ‘Must Dos’ and ‘Must Eats’ of New York City coupled with #TravelMadeDifferent. It made sharing our travel log with our friends so much easier!

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Tag #TravelMadeDifferent on your Instagram photos and share them with us. And follow Travel Made Different on Instagram for more travel inspirations.

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