6 Cafes In Singapore To Get The Full Breakfast Works

Full Breakfast Singapore

After a night out of relentless tippling, perhaps one of the most comforting things to wake up to is a full English-style breakfast. Yes, we’re talking about to full monty here featuring nothing short of a few bangers (sausages), bacon, baked beans, toast, mushrooms, eggs and tomato.

It’s all fried, it’s messy but more importantly, the combination makes for one heck of a delicious mess. Whether you’re looking to treat a hangover or simply to eat your weight the way the Brits do, then here are the best places in Singapore to get the full breakfast works.

10 Classic Dishes You Will Find In Almost Every Cafe

Coke Cafe Food

Singapore’s cafe scene is thriving, with new ones popping up like daisies every now and then. They can be found all over Singapore – in more populated areas in town and at the fringe of town, and much more in residential areas.

But despite the different selection of cuisines these cafés offer, there are some dishes that are just too popular to be left out that cafe owners have to put them on their menus; think pancakes, pasta, and truffle fries.

Let’s see if you agree that the following are 10 Classic Dishes You Will Find In Almost Every Cafe in Singapore?


8 Well-Loved Hipster Food That Are Commonly Found at Cafes

Hipster Cafe Food

Trends come and go, and there are always new fads to love. Cafes are aplenty, and we have no lack of options. There are all kinds of menus, each with their own signatures and special dishes.

But some things stay gold forever, and we welcome them at any time of the day.

Whether it is a slice of rainbow cake or a stack of fluffy pancakes, we’ve noticed the longstanding love culminating in everyone for these hipster foods.

We are rounding up the 8 well-loved hipster food that are commonly found at cafes. They not only make everyone travel to the ends of the island just to satisfy that burning craving, but also get the most likes on Instagram.