House Dempsey Singapore

 House Dempsey Hill

Singapore F&B scene has been very exciting over the past few years. There is always a new place opening almost every week. There are so many new and cool restaurants that I find it hard to keep up. While I love checking out the latest hip place in town – it is, after all, my job to do that – sometimes, I just like to go somewhere familiar. One of my favourite restaurants in Singapore is House at Dempsey Hill.


Suprette Restaurant Kam Leng Hotel Singapore

Suprette Burger

Jalan Besar looks set to be the next up and coming area, with hip places such as Antoinette Patisserie, Chye Seng Huat and Broadcast HQ.

Suprette, a modern restaurant which specialises in American-inspired food with a grown-up drinks list, is one of the newest addition to the area. The restaurant can be describe as being on the intimate side, the space is only big enough to accommodate slightly over twenty guests.

When we were there for dinner on a weekday night, the restaurant was almost full. We were surprised as the location was rather inaccessible. But after having a meal there, I can understand why Suprette is slowly gaining popularity. The food is delicious, hearty and unpretentious.