15 Best London Cheap Meals For £10 And Under

London Cheap Meals Guide

London is the amazing British city where people from all walks of life move over to to call that place home. Being one of the finest in the world, London is a dream destination with so much to offer.

However, living in London can be very expensive and dining out would mean taking a toll on your wallets. For locals, they cook a lot at home. For holiday goers, do you always think twice about stepping into a restaurant and ordering just everything that looks good on the menu, but eventually giving up that thought entirely because everything costs a bomb?

Yes, you are not alone. Eating in London can be an extremely costly affair and we are here to help. Having combed the city for great finds, here are London’s Best Cheap Meals For £10 And Under.


5 Best Fine Dining Restaurants in London

Duck and Waffle

Fine dining is a flourishing business in London, with countless of hopeful fancy restaurants competing endlessly to be at the forefront of this extravagant trade. From United Kingdom’s highest restaurant to the regular hangout of Kate Moss, these extraordinary places will make your dining experience worth every pound. Here are 5 of the best fine dining restaurants in London that you must dine at.


Where to Eat in London


When I was planning my trip to London, there was only one goal – to squeeze in as many good meals as possible into my itinerary, and I am happy to tell you that I managed to check out most of the places on my to-eat list. The next time you are in London, I hope this guide on Where to Eat in London will be helpful.


Pollen Street Social London

Pollen Street Social

Most food lovers should be familiar with Chef Jason Atherton — who was formerly working for Gordon Ramsay at the highly-acclaimed Maze restaurant. Within the past two years, he has slowly built up his restaurant empire around the world. Some of his restaurants include 22 Ships in Hong Kong, Table No 1 in Shanghai, Esquina and Pollen restaurant in Singapore, and of course, Pollen Street Social in London – the first restaurant that he opened back in 2011 after leaving Gordon Ramsay.

I have heard a lot about Pollen Street Social from friends who are staying in London, and have always wanted to dine at the restaurant. After having a meal there, I am delighted to say that it lives up to its billing.