The Citibank DIVIDEND Card Gives You The Best Cash Back in Town


On 28 September 2015, Citibank re-launched the Citibank DIVIDEND Card – it now comes with even greater savings for all your daily spend, from petrol to groceries, and even our favourite activity – dining. Now, you have more reasons to eat out at your favourite restaurants or check out the latest cafes, and you know which card to use for all your dining bills!

When you eat out at your favourite cafe, or any of the latest swanky F&B joint, you get to enjoy 8% cash back on dining any day of the week, globally! You guys, this is a great deal, because you are actually saving while spending (on necessities!) and you’re rewarded every time you dine out whether it’s breakfast, brunch, lunch, high tea, dinner or supper.

If that alone is not enough for you to use or sign up for the card, think of enjoying even more savings on petrol and groceries with the Citibank DIVIDEND Card. It is a versatile credit card for everyday use.


8 Reasons to Get A POSB Everyday Card

Prawn Pasta

POSB is a household name and one so familiar. Most of us probably grew up with a POSB savings bank book, and guess what? Now that we are adults, POSB will still help us with savings!

Do you spend at least S$500 per month? Did you know that you could receive attractive cash rebates when you spend that amount using POSB Everyday Card? Spending has never been more rewarding with POSB Everyday Card, and this might sound ironic but using a credit card appropriately will benefit one immensely.

English Afternoon Tea

The card gives you 5% cash rebate on dining every where – from restaurants, to cafés, fast food outlets, bars, entertainment establishments and caterers – every day. And you can enjoy up to 5% cash rebate on your grocery shopping.

While these rebates might not sound a lot, you will be surprised by how much you save in the long run! Sign up for a POSB Everyday Card before 31 December 2015. Here are more Reasons To Get A POSB Everyday Card.


5 Ways You Can Save Money While Dining Out In Singapore


Dining out in Singapore is a costly affair. We know that the total bill for a meal at a decent restaurant can easily rack up to the hundreds and most people try to avoid dining out at all. But do you know that you can dramatically cut your expenditure with 1-for-1 main course offers and even enjoy complimentary house pours at certain places? No, we are not kidding!

There are numerous ways to significantly reduce the costs of dining and we are thrilled to share these money-saving hacks with you, so that you can feel better about your epicurean lifestyle without worrying too much about the hefty prices.

From credit card rebates, happy hour promotions to The Entertainer app, here are 5 Ways You Can Save Money While Dining Out In Singapore.


C-A-S-H-B-A-C-K Cafe Marathon with OCBC 365 Credit Card

OCBC 365 Card

It is a Singaporean’s culture to dine out, because there are way too many awesome options to choose from. But if only we could have a rebates card that could reward us on all our dining expenditure. Well, good news for everyone who relates to the aforementioned situation, because there IS a card that rewards you every time you eat out in Singapore!

The OCBC 365 Credit Card is the Card for all the foodies out there, as it gives you cashback all year round at any dining establishment. And because it is applicable to cafes, restaurants, fast food outlets and even caterers, it basically means feasting time all year round!

With the OCBC 365 Credit Card, you can enjoy 3% dining cashback on weekdays and 6% dining cashback on weekends. And when you travel overseas, you can also enjoy 3% cashback on your overseas dining too! What’s more, the card also gives 3% cashback on groceries, online spending and more.

But first, let us share with you how much we’ve saved from using the card for our daily meals. Last week, we went on a C-A-S-H-B-A-C-K cafe marathon, and covered eight cafes with names that with the respective alphabets. It was such fun feasting while saving, and here are the eight cafes in Singapore that we love:


POSB Everyday Card Gives you 10% Cash Rebate on Weekends in October

POSB Everyday Card

If you are not already a POSB Everyday Card holder, October will make a good reason for you to own one. Weekends in October are made sweeter with 10% cash rebate on dining and online grocery shopping when you charge to your card, and these are savings in the most essential way.

All you have to do is to spend a minimum of S$300 (on Saturdays and Sundays) in October with your POSB Everyday Card.


For those of you who are planning celebrations and feasts with your loved ones and friends this month, using your POSB Everyday Card is the best option because you get to enjoy the 10% Cash Rebate. The promotion also applies to online grocery shopping at Cold Storage, Giant, NTUC Fairprice, Sheng Siong, RedMart and GoFresh. So why not just consolidate a list of your daily necessities, order it online and enjoy the 10% Cash Rebate? The amount may be seem small, but you would be surprised by how it is actually a significant amount that could buy you a good meal!


Top 4 Reasons Why You Must Get The Citibank Clear Platinum Card

Citibank Clear Platinum Card

With so many credit cards in the market to choose from, it can be quite a headache to decide on which one to apply for. What we really appreciate is one all-rounder card that complements our lifestyle and rewards us for our daily expenditure, one that resides permanently in our wallet so that we can turn to it for any scenario – travel, dining, shopping.

The Citibank Clear Platinum Card gives you 5X Rewards (5 Rewards Points or 2 miles for every S$1 spend) on dining, overseas spend, and online shopping. While some cards reward you when you only charge for travel, dining or shopping, this card rewards you with all three!

Sri Panwa Ocean

Gone are the days when we’d stand at the cashier, ready to pay for something, only to hold up the queue by spending minutes recalling which credit card offers the best rewards for whatever we are buying.

Here are the Top 4 reasons why you must get the Citibank Clear Platinum Card.


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