Dongmen Peking Duck – A Local Hidden Gem In Beijing For Very Good Peking Duck

dongmen collage

Dongmen Peking Duck in Beijing is a hidden gem that was recommended by a local taxi driver when we told him we wanted to eat Peking Duck. He insisted we try this restaurant instead of the usual touristy must-visit Peking duck restaurants we might have had in mind.

We were skeptical about his recommendation at first but decided to give it a shot and we regretted nothing.

It was so good that we visited this restaurant twice during our stay in Beijing and here’s why you must dine at Dongmen Peking Duck too.


10 Things To Do In Beijing – Why You Need To Visit The Capital Of China

temple of heaven

Beijing is a multifaceted metropolis filled with surprises at every street and corner. The vibrant city is not just the capital of China but also the country’s focal point of arts and culture.

There is so much to do and so much to see that all visitors are guaranteed a smashing good time.

From exploring Beijing’s best preserved historical alleyways, cruising the Kunming Lake at Summer Palace on a paddleboat to browsing through the 12-million book collection at China’s National Library, here is our guide to 10 Fun Activities To Do in Beijing.


The One Street Food You Must Eat in Beijing – Jian Bing

jian bing with meat

The Jian Bing is a tasty traditional crepe-like Chinese street food created by the Chinese since two millenniums ago in the Shandong Province. Legend has it that this heavenly dish had lifted the morales of an army troop during the Three Kingdoms Period and saved many soldiers from an ambush.

Jian Bings are an extremely popular take-away delicacy in Northern China and can be eaten throughout the day. Depending on one’s appetite, it can be consumed as a snack or even as a main.