Highlights of Asher BWS’s Festive Promotion + Upcoming Events

Moet Champagne

Are we all done with event planning yet? December is the most celebratory month of the year, and our calendars are packed with house parties and events. Everyone is in the mood to wine and dine, and we deserve to give ourselves a pat on the back for all our hard work in 2014.

We’ve discussed about food catering for your festive parties previously. And what about those booze that we’d need to host our parties and to have fun with our guests? Christmas and New Year’s parties mean we have to pop that champagne, to stock up on the beer in our fridge, and to do our shots neat. And we can do all these without breaking the bank.

Wine Tasting

Spare yourself the exorbitant price tags and unnecessary premiums when you order your Beers, Wines and Spirits (BWS) from Asher BWS www.asherbws.com. They offer the friendliest prices in town, and with a user-friendly website and convenient delivery options, fret no more when it comes to booze. Asher BWS is offering an exclusive 10% discount for our readers when you cart out using the promo code: ‘ladyironchef’.

We will tell you just why Asher BWS is your top choice and the various star products to buy.


Introducing Tucher Beer in Singapore + Giveaway of 5 Cartons of Beer


On a hot summer day, especially like the merciless sun we have in Singapore, is the perfect time to have a cold beer down your throat. I have a typical guy’s appetite – I love food like pizzas, burgers, steaks and fried chicken, and the choice of drink will always be a pint of ice cold beer. Or should I say, there is always time for beer.

Beerfest Asia 2013 was concluded last week and I am sure beer lovers had a field day sampling more than 400 types of beers from all over the world. One of the beers that made its debut in Singapore is Tucher Beer. Not many people have heard of Tucher Beer, yet, as they have only started to distribute in the region recently. But if you enjoy your beer, and are always on the lookout for something new, you must try Tucher Beer.

There are many Bavarian beers, but only Tucher combines the venerable Bavarian brewing tradition with the consummate skill it takes to produce exquisite top-notch beers.

[ Giveaway ] Tucher Beer is partnering ladyironchef to give away 5 cartons of beer, so read on to find out how you can win them.