Highlights of Asher BWS’s Festive Promotion + Upcoming Events

Moet Champagne

Are we all done with event planning yet? December is the most celebratory month of the year, and our calendars are packed with house parties and events. Everyone is in the mood to wine and dine, and we deserve to give ourselves a pat on the back for all our hard work in 2014.

We’ve discussed about food catering for your festive parties previously. And what about those booze that we’d need to host our parties and to have fun with our guests? Christmas and New Year’s parties mean we have to pop that champagne, to stock up on the beer in our fridge, and to do our shots neat. And we can do all these without breaking the bank.

Wine Tasting

Spare yourself the exorbitant price tags and unnecessary premiums when you order your Beers, Wines and Spirits (BWS) from Asher BWS www.asherbws.com. They offer the friendliest prices in town, and with a user-friendly website and convenient delivery options, fret no more when it comes to booze. Asher BWS is offering an exclusive 10% discount for our readers when you cart out using the promo code: ‘ladyironchef’.

We will tell you just why Asher BWS is your top choice and the various star products to buy.



Primarily a supplier, Asher BWS is your one-stop solution for beers, wines and spirits. They have a comprehensive range of products, and they even carry exclusive items that you might otherwise not find on retail racks. Their friendly price point is also the reason for their customers’ loyalty, because aren’t we all sick of paying ridiculous mark-ups?


Besides offering the most comprehensive ranges of beer, wine and spirits products online, Asher BWS aims to educate and encourage the appreciation of alcoholic beverages among consumers, and at the same time, provide convenience by delivering the products to your doorstep. You save yourself the hassle of driving around to stock up on your supplies, and no more lugging those heavy bottles back by yourself. Order as much as you want, because there is free delivery for orders above S$100! The regular delivery charge is S$6/delivery during the festive season.

Whisky Chivas Regal


Asher BWS has curated a range of beers, wines and spirits specially for this celebratory season. Every reason to drink up now – for the right ones, of course. And we do it with quality alcohol that complement all the delicacies on our tables.

1. Chang Beer (S$52, U.P S$55)
2. Moet Ice Imperial Champagne (S$110, U.P S$128)
3. GH Mumm Cordon Rouge (S$79, U.P S$88.50)
4. Piper Hiedsieck Champagne (S$70, U.P S$92)
5. Sileni Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc NV (S$35, U.P S$40)
6. D Arenberg – Deadarm Shiraz (S$75, U.P S$90)
7. Chivas Regal 75cl + Chivas Regal 37.5cl (S$95, U.P S$129)
8. Belvedere Vodka (S$79, U.P S$88)
9. Hakushu Distiller Reserve / Yamazaki Distiller Reserve 70cl (S$108, U.P S$120)
10. Hibiki 12 Years (S$108, U.P S$125)
11. Macallan 12 Years (S$118, U.P S$125)

The prices stated here are before GST. And receive a complimentary Hennessy VSOP 20cl with every S$150 spend on wines and spirits.


On top of the festive promotion, you can use the exclusive promo code ‘ladyironchef’ upon carting out to enjoy a further 10% discount. If you are throwing a Christmas party or organising your company’s corporate event, hop over to www.asherbws.com/shop and get all the alcohol and beverages you’d need!

For bulk purchases, you may also contact Asher BWS at +65 6848 8555 or email care@asherbws.com.

Bingo Shot Down


Want to be part of the fun that Asher BWS are planning this December? Save the date now. On 6 December 2014, Asher BWS is throwing a ‘Bingo Shot Down party’. It would be a night of drinks and bingo, and a percentage of the proceeds will go to Asher BWS’ selected charity organization. Register at www.hootglobal.com


For 2015, Asher BWS has lined up plenty of exciting events and wine tasting events for all to take part in. There will also be yacht champagne events and several sessions of whisky tastings and appreciation classes.


Now you have your answer for all your beers, wines and spirits needs. Once you’ve placed your first order with Asher BWS, you will be a convert for they will stay as your best bet. Say goodbye to the days of paying for expensive booze; say hello to appreciating your beverages on a whole new level with Asher BWS.

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This post is brought to you by Asher BWS.