5 Unique Destinations in Asia You Never Knew About – Asia’s Best Kept Secrets

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When you think of Japan, what comes to mind? Tokyo, Osaka and Hokkaido, right? These major tourist towns attract the highest number of traffic every year. However, Japan has many gorgeous islands and panoramic scenery in other cities too that is for sure, worth travelling to.

Countries such as India have over-populated cities that some may find too claustrophobic. What most leave out are the smaller suburban areas and the mountains that can be found away from the city that holds the same rich culture. If you have always been the adventurous type, why not take the road less travelled (literally)?

Here are 5 Unique Travel Destinations in Asia You Never Knew About – Treat Yourself To Asia’s Most Well-Kept Secrets.


Singapore’s 7 Long Weekends in 2017 – When And Where To Go

Taipei fireworks

The Ministry of Manpower has just released the official public holidays for Singapore in 2017 and here’s a great piece of news – there is an increment of one long weekend in comparison to 2016.

This simply means that there is a grand total of seven long weekends in 2017!

Thanks to the emergence of AirBnb, low-cost carriers and Singapore’s proximity to many foreign cities, travelling on a long weekend has long become a norm for Singaporeans.

Within this guide, you will find the dates of Singapore’s seven official long weekends in 2017 and our recommendations on where we think you should visit during each long weekend.


8 Asian Cities To Go To For A Getaway During Chinese New Year 2016

Japan Osaka Castle

If you do not celebrate Chinese New Year, simply want a getaway or are skipping this year’s celebrations just because you cannot deal with inquisitive relatives who are forever interrogating you about your lives, why not go on a short vacation to a neighbouring Asian country? It is still cold in February in Japan and is also the peak time to catch Ume blossoms in full bloom.

Countries such as Phnom Penh will be having their ‘best weather’ in February, with slightly cooler temperatures. You can also hit the beach for some sun-soakin’.

Here are 8 Best Asian Cities to Travel To During The Chinese New Year 2016 Long Weekend.


Singapore’s Long Weekends in 2016 – When And Where To Go

Long Weekends

In 2016, there are a total of six long weekends thanks to the various public holidays that fall on either a Friday or Monday. To maximise your travel opportunities, one should know when the long weekends are and which flights would be the shortest and cheapest.

Singapore is the ultimate gateway to other Asian countries and her strategic location has made travelling to other nations extremely possible in just a weekend. With several popular cities reachable within a mere few hours of flight and the rise of low-cost airlines, travelling is no longer limited to just the wealthy. All you have to do is take advantage of long weekends!

Here’s a guide to Singapore’s long weekends in 2016 – when and where to go. We have shortlisted a nearby destination for each long weekend period.


Guide to Weekend Getaways from Singapore

Weekend Getaway Guide

This guide on weekend getaways from Singapore was last updated on 1 July 2014.

One of the best things about being in Singapore is that it’s just a few hours away from many amazing cities in the region. If you are planning for a short weekend getaway, here are the Top 10 travel destinations where you can go for cheap shopping, good food, or a relaxed beach holiday.