Balmoral Bakery – The Best Traditional Bakery at Sunset Way Since 1965

Balmoral Bakery

For those who live in Clementi, Balmoral Bakery is an old-school bakery that would be no stranger to you. With roots dating back to the mid-1960s, Balmoral Bakery is well-loved for their baked pastries and fluffy cakes.

If you’re not sure where Balmoral Bakery is, all you’ll need to do is use your sense of smell to guide you. We kid you not — that’s how amazing their bakes smell even from a distance away. Here’s what you can expect at this traditional bakery.

Balmoral Bakery Exterior

Balmoral Bakery is located at the edge of the rows of shops at Sunset Way Residence. However, what makes this humble bakery stand out is its brick walls and tiled flooring. Given that the logo of Balmoral Bakery bears resemblance to the Balmoral Castle in Scotland, the choice of red brick walls for the bakery’s was definitely an appropriate choice.

Balmoral Bakery Beef Curry Pie

Although Balmoral Bakery doesn’t occupy a very large store space, customers would be impressed by the range of baked goods that they carry within the store. We were drawn in by the rows of freshly baked pastries which made a feast for the eyes.

Balmoral Bakery Beef Pie

The pastries at Balmoral Bakery are priced affordably and most are below S$2 each. Our picks were the Chicken Pie (S$1.80), Char Siew Soh (S$1.60) and the Beef Pie (S$2.50). Other options that you can choose include the Chicken Curry Puff (S$1.60), Beef Curry Puff (S$1.60) and Sausage Roll (S$1.60).

Balmoral Bakery Char Siew Soh and Beef Pie

Our thoughts? We were big fans of the Chicken Pie and Beef Pie. Each pastry was filled with large chunks of meat, and the flavours were rich and slightly peppery. Best of all? The pastry crust was crispy and flaky even after keeping the pies in the fridge and reheating them the next day. That means you can order more pies and freeze them for future consumption.

As for the Char Siew Soh, whilst the pastry had a pleasing appearance, we weren’t impressed by its flavour. So if you’re visiting Balmoral Bakery for the first time, we’d recommend giving this a miss.

Balmoral Bakery Bacon Onion Quiche

The Bacon & Onion Quiche (S$2.50) was a pretty decent option. The quiche was filled with a generous portion of bacon and white onions, and the saltiness of the bacon was a beautiful contrast to the sweetness of the white onions. The egg custard of the Bacon & Onion Quiche was also pretty tasty and the layer of melted cheese atop the pastry brought all the flavours together.

Balmoral Bakery Traditional Western Cakes

It would be a crime to leave a traditional bakery without ordering some of their traditional western cakes. We selected Coconut, Vanilla, Kaya Pandan, Chocolate and Coffee Chocolate, all of which were priced at S$1.80 per slice. The buttercream of each slice of cake was light and not overly sweet, and the texture of the cakes was soft and sufficiently fluffy.

Balmoral Bakery
105 Clementi Street 12,
#01-06, Singapore 120105
Tel: 6779 2064