Famous Roast Meat Eatery Foong Kee Has Reopened As A Hawker Stall At Commonwealth Crescent

Foong Kee roast meat

Foong Kee Traditional Charcoal Roaster, one of the best Chinese roast meat stalls in Singapore, has reopened as a hawker stall at Commonwealth Crescent.


The famous roast meat eatery along Keong Saik Road closed in June 2021 and they are now back as a hawker stall at Commonwealth Crescent, where his eatery was located prior to the move to Keong Saik Road.

Foong Kee’s chef-owner Derrick Wong closed his roast meat eatery as he needed a rest after working for more than 20 years.


At the new hawker stall, you can enjoy Foong Kee’s legendary roast meat with prices starting from S$4 for a plate of char siew/roast pork rice, and S$4.5 for a plate of roast duck rice.

You can also order a whole roast duck (S$50), as well as char siew and roast pork at S$50/kg.


It goes without saying that Foong Kee’s roast pork is fantastic. The ratio of fat to lean pork meat was just right, and the crispy crackling skin had such a satisfying crunch to it. The savoury marinate really did permeate through the meat itself as every bite was so flavourful.

The char siew didn’t lose out either. The caramelised crust had a wonderful char and smokiness to it, with the slightly burnt edges playing off the sweetness of the sauce. The fat on the pork wasn’t overwhelming either and was just enough to keep the lean meat moist enough.

While they’re more famous for the former two, we felt that their duck deserved much praise. The cuts of duck meat were absolutely succulent and tender, with its natural game meat taste amplified in a pleasant umami way without being too heavy. The skin was also really thin and crisp, which we liked a lot.