Cafe Rui – The Best Nutella Tarts & Truffle Cheese Butter Cookies In Singapore

Cafe Rui Singapore

Cafe Rui has the best Nutella tarts in Singapore, hands down. There is no fight, and there are no better contenders.

Trust us when it comes to Nutella tarts because we are so particular about our Nutella desserts and we’ve tried so many Nutella tarts over the years that we know what a good one should be. And Cafe Rui has nailed it, making them our go-to home baker whenever our cravings for Nutella tarts kicks in.

Cafe Rui is a small home-based business founded by Jess Puan, a very passionate baker who’s also a mom to two beautiful girls. She started out baking for her daughters, and with that simple hobby, Cafe Rui was born with the humble intention of sharing her bakes.

Today, Jess sees a long waitlist for her famous Nutella tarts and she doesn’t rest on her laurels. She is constantly pushing herself and launching new creations that never fail to impress us.

Cafe Rui Nutella Tarts Singapore

Cafe Rui’s menu is small but concise, because Jess only wants to serve what she knows is the best that she can present. Being ever strict to herself and always persisting for perfection, Jess puts her heart and soul into every single cookie and tart that Cafe Rui dishes out, and we have never once been disappointed.

Cafe Rui Nutella Tarts

Cafe Ruihas the best Nutella tarts in Singapore; every single element is perfect. The tart base is a buttery and crumbly, and she bakes them with only premium French butter, so you know her tarts will never come with that distinct cheap taste that most nutella tart places in Singapore unfortunately offer. The Nutella filling is more than generous, and piped with precision so that every bite of the tart is accompanied with a good ratio of Nutella filling.

Nutella Tarts Cafe Rui

And you know what is the most amazing part? Even after opening the tin and the tarts being exposed constantly, the Nutella filling doesn’t harden. This is something that happened to all the Nutella tarts we’ve tried; they don’t hold well and almost always tastes lousy the very next day. We don’t know how Jess did it but her tarts are life-changing.

As if this isn’t good enough, Cafe Rui has a Nutella Biscoff version that is even more kickass and this has truly spoilt our taste buds. We can’t go back to eating any other Nutella tarts. The Nutella Biscoff version is a marriage of two very wonderful ingredients – well, Nutella and Biscoff. The difference lies in the tart base. Biscoff cookies are crushed and mixed into the batter to create the tart, giving it a nice, salty dimension. And the piped Nutella filling is topped with more Biscoff crumbs for a textural variety. Lovely. Very, very addictive. This is our guilty pleasure – any time of the day, any day of the week.

Cafe Rui Truffle Cheese Butter Cookie

Want more? Yes, we don’t just stop here. Let’s just make our calories worth while. Cafe Rui has a fabulous selection of butter cookies too and no, we are not going to talk about their regular butter cookies. Because while they are good, what’s even better and life-changing is the Truffle Cheese Butter Cookie. Holy, we don’t know what Jess did here but these are SO. DAMN. GOOD.

Cafe Rui Truffle Cheese Butter Cookies

Extremely melty in texture, these Truffle Cheese Butter Cookies are like little bites of heaven. A variety of hard cheese is used to create the dimensional cheese flavour, and quality truffle oil is used lavishly to elevate the taste of the batter. The end result is a savoury cookie that is quite unlike any other, and you will never be able to stop at just one piece. This is one of the best butter cookies that we’ve ever had.

Do support this passionate home baker for she is truly talented and she bakes with her heart. We are ardent fans of her Nutella tarts and now, her butter cookies too. The long waiting time is worth it.