This Durian Shop In Lavender Is Offering Free-flow chilled durian buffet At S$36.80

DurianBB Durian Buffet

Located in Lavender at 462 Crawford Lane, DurianBB is offering a Free-flow chilled durian buffet at S$36.80/pax from now until 27 Dec 2020 and it comes with four varieties of durian (Musang King, XO, Kampung and D13).

It’s eat-all-you-can within one hour, and slots are available between 2pm – 5pm each day on a first-come first-served basis.

Durian Buffet

At DurianBB’s “Free-flow Chilled Durian Buffet”, you start off with a set of 4 pieces of Musang King, XO, Kampung and D13, and you may replenish the durians as many times as you want,

However, it will always be served in the same set of four varieties, meaning you cannot only order the Musang King for the entire durian buffet.

Free-flow Durian Buffet

Free-flow chilled durian buffet
- Eat all you can in one hour with a maximum seating of 12 per session

462 Crawford Lane #01-65, Singapore 190462
Tuesday to Sunday: 1pm – 10pm
Buffet hours from 2pm -5pm, lasting for one hour per session.