Machi Machi SG Warns BBT Fans Not To Buy Fake Machi Machi Milk Tea From Supermarkets & Online

Machi Machi Fake Bubble Tea
Machi Machi Singapore has announced on its social media pages that fake Machi Machi milk tea beverage bottles are currently being sold in supermarkets, minimarts and online.

Please note that this is not an official product of Machi Machi and you can only get Machi Machi’s bubble tea at its flagship outlet along Arab Street or via its online website¬† which provides islandwide bubble tea delivery.

Machi Machi Singapore

Machi Machi, a Taiwanese bubble tea speciality brand that is endorsed by Jay Chou, set up its first Singapore outlet earlier this year. It offers diverse flavours of bubble teas such as fresh fruits, cream cheese and lattes.

Choose from five different tea bases: Tieguanyin Oolong Tea, Sun Moon Lake Black Tea, Pekoe Jasmine Green Tea, and Ceylon Highland Black Tea.