Kampung Admiralty – Singapore’s Newest and Most Beautiful Retirement Village

Sky Garden Deck Kampung Admiralty

With Kampung Admiralty, gone are the days of kampungs where the first thing that comes to mind are run-down houses made out of concrete and faded paint.

Once again, Singapore has earned another badge of honour – the Building of The Year Award 2018 at the World Architecture Festival last December – with their newest modern retirement village, Kampung Admiralty.

Kampung Admiralty, located just beside Admiralty station, is a mixed-use retirement estate that melds housing for the elderly, childcare centres, medical services and an array of food options. Here’s a guide to show you around Singapore’s newest architectural wonder.

Active Aging Hub Kampung Admiralty Medical Centre Pharmacy Kampung Admiralty

The 11-storeyed mixed-use retirement village is well-equipped with various services catering to a wide variety of needs. Open to the public is Admiralty Medical Centre Pharmacy, NTUC Health Active Aging Hub, My First Skool childcare center and a 900-seat hawker centre. Did we mention they have a sky garden and a supermarket too?

Every single facility here is open to the public. Here, the elderly have a place to learn new skills, keep healthy and active. They can engage in a plethora of activities, for example, learning new skills and upkeeping their fitness, all in the comfort of an air-conditioned space.

Kopitiam Food Compilation kampung Admiralty

Sky Garden Playground Kampung Admiralty

In terms of food, Kampung Admiralty has gone above and beyond with their 900-seater hawker centre with over 30 different stalls and other food options (think Starbucks and Maki-san). Any craving you could be having, Kampung Admiralty would have you covered.

Kids will also have a place to play and learn at My First Skool in Kampung Admiralty. It’s also conveniently located near a simple playground at the Roof Garden, so they will definitely be entertained.

Garden Planters Kampung Admiralty Garden Pots Kampung Admiralty

Lastly, on the very top of the building is the Sky Terrace, where residents can grow their own herbs, vegetables and other sorts of plants. It’s a lush hidden paradise, full of life, greenery and vibrant flowers. It also makes for a very aesthetic Instagram photo if you want a photo where you’re surrounded by greenery (without the hassle of stepping into an actual forest).

It’s also the perfect place to sit down and admire Singapore’s residential area skyline at Admiralty.

This vertical Kampung, even without the prestigious award for architecture, is a progressive step forward to allowing working-adult residents to have a better grasp of their work-life balance. Many in Singapore have elderly or young children living with them and these may be extra details that add to the stress of working life.

With more buildings and residences that have similar concepts to that of Kampung Admiralty, Singaporeans could perhaps be able to take a breather in this fast-paced world we live in, fostering that old kampong spirit from the past.

Kampung Admiralty
676 Woodlands Drive 71
Singapore 730670
Nearest Station: Admiralty