For The Beer Lovers: The Essential Guide To Beer Pairing For Beginners

Beer Pairing Cover

A good beer can highlight the best part of any dish if you know which kind to choose. The versatility of the drink makes beer pairing a very practical skill. A helpful tip to take away today is that light beers go with lighter dishes and heavier beers go with heavier nosh. 

But at the end of the day, what reigns supreme is your palate. If you are feeling chips with stout, go for it. Otherwise, here are a few pairing suggestions for some of the more common beer types you might come across!

Whether it tastes bitter, malty, dark, or light, keep in mind a few guidelines when drinking to get the most out of your pairing. Besides matching complementing flavours, you can pair by contrast, use your beer as a palate cleanser for dishes with strong flavours, or avoid overpowering beers that can mask the taste of your food.

Here, save this chart. It will help you enjoy your beer with food better!

Beer Pairings

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