10 Guilt-Free Supper Ideas That are Under 150 Calories

Juscool Apple Soda

Hunger pangs striking past midnight again? You are not alone. But instead of going straight for the comforting packet of instant noodles, why not opt for something healthier?

We all know that eating during unearthly hours is unhealthy, but there are a few low-calories snacks we could consume as alternatives to the sinfully processed fast food. They are also a lot more nutritious without compromising on the delicious factor.

From air-popped popcorn to strawberry-banana smoothie, here is our guide to 10 guilt-free supper ideas that are under 150 calories each. Now you know what to eat when you are unable to ignore that growling tummy.


Air-popped popcorn is a great supper snack due to its negligible sugar, sodium and saturated fat contents. Pour a handful into an 0.3 oz cup and enjoy your snack! Air-popped pop corn is high in dietary fibre and has literally no cholesterol.

Number of calories: 31 (0.3 oz cup)

Apple picking


Apples are high anti-oxidants food, which also simultaneously decreases the risk of diabetes, detoxifies the liver and boosts your immune system. An apple a day indeed keeps the doctor away! With an impressive list of other health benefits such as reducing Alzheimer’s, cholesterol level and tooth decay – an apple for a supper is definitely a great idea.

Number of calories: 78 (a small apple)


You can devour 10 pieces of thin squarish saltine crackers at just 120 calories! That is way better than picking up a handful of sinful potato chips which will cost you a few folds more calories.

Number of calories: 120 (10 pieces)


Forget the artificially sweetened popsicles. You can get an equally delicious frozen fruit bar at just 25 calories if you were to prepare it yourself! Blend a mixture of tropical fruits with fresh lemon juice and two table spoons of water before freezing them in ice-pop moulds.

Number of calories: 25


Starving but too troublesome to head out and too lazy cook a decent dish (with more than one ingredient)? Simply start the water boiling and place a large egg inside! Boiling an egg is a fuss-free cooking and cleaning process. The best part is that it only costs you 78 calories.

Number of calories: 78


The fragrant honeydew actually fills one up quickly with its high-water content; in fact, 90% of the fruit consists of water! It is also a healing fruit with its high copper and vitamin C level, which improves the skin’s condition by facilitating the production of collagen.

Number of calories: 57 (a wedge)

Marks & Spencer Yoghurt


A cup of greek yogurt only sets you back 137 calories and offers a high amount of calcium that your body will need. The dairy product facilitates your digestive system and also helps to refuel your body with healthy bacteria.

Number of calories: 137 (8.6 oz cup)

grape picking


Dig into a generous cup of red seedless grapes and be comforted knowing that it contains less than a gram of fat! Red seedless grapes also contain the essential but commonly unheard Vitamin K – it reduces the probability of osteoporosis.

Number of calories: 62 (1 cup)


Prepare a freshly blended strawberry banana smoothie made with 3/4 cup of strawberries, 3/4 of unsweetened almond coconut blend and half a banana (recipe by Scattered Thoughts Of A Crafty Mom). The tasty beverage not only fills you up but also provides various health benefits. Whoever thought that a fruit smoothie is a sinful treat is wrong!

Number of calories: 135


You will be surprised by how the combination of canned tuna with cider vinegar and shredded vegetables can taste so yummy yet remain so healthy. Getting your essential dose of omega-3 and fibre content at any time of the day would never a guilty consumption.

Number of calories: 125