8 Ways To Survive Valentine’s Day If You Are Single


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For those who are lamenting about how the upcoming Valentine’s Day is a harsh Single-Awareness-Day (“SAD”), it is time to face reality.

There is nothing wrong with being single, and in fact, there are many blessings that you can enjoy as a single person. For instance, you can regularly avoid burning a hole in your pocket (especially during special occasions), and you have the freedom to pursue whatever you want!

This year, instead of wondering why your Prince Charming has not swept you off your feet, we have some light-hearted suggestions. These are 8 Ways to Survive Valentine’s Day If You Are Single, which will not only allow you to understand the love between people, the love for others, but most importantly, love for yourself.


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Yes, while watching a movie may seem like an everyday activity, except that this time, go all out. If your other half is not there to shower you with the TLC you crave, you have to show yourself some love.

There are plenty of great movies coming out this February—Fifty Shades Darker, Resident Evil franchise, The Final Chapter etc.

Book your movie ticket in advance to ensure that you get the best seat in the cinema. With a giant box of popcorn in one hand and a large soft drink in another, you will be in for a great few hours of entertainment, which will make Valentine’s Day a little less lonely.


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Have you ever thought about what Valentine’s Day means to your parents? Perhaps most of us would not usually put a lot of thought into it, but in all honesty, you are the fruit borne out of their love.

This year, instead of focusing on yourself, why not choose to make this year’s Valentine’s Day about your parents?

One of our suggestions is to organise a couple massage or romantic dinner for them at their favourite restaurant, followed by a staycation at a beautiful yet affordable hotel.

If you need some tips on which hotels are great for Valentine’s Day staycations, why not check out 15 Romantic Staycation Ideas In Singapore For Valentine’s Day for some inspiration!


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The lyrics of ‘Wannabe’ by the Spice Girls tells it like it is, “Make it last forever, friendship never ends.

At the end of the day, there are so many reasons why it is so important to treasure the group of friends that you have around you.

Your friends are there to offer you companionship, they are there to listen to you when you are upset over singlehood, and most importantly, they are there to give you constructive criticism so that you can grow as a person.

This Valentine’s Day, get together with your friends to celebrate the love in your friendship over a meal, or even a girls’ night out (or in). Not only will this be a wonderful night with close friends, you will hardly find yourself missing the partner for Valentine’s Day you previously so longed for.


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On Valentine’s Day, couples typically go out for a romantic meal and enjoy rich, hearty food that is more often than not fattening and harmful to our diets.

Be thankful that you can avoid putting on needless weight. Instead, take the opportunity during Valentine’s Day to take part in team sports, such as Captain’s Ball or a friendly game of hockey with your friends.

Apart from enjoying a good workout, this will also be a great way for you to forge closer ties with your friends in a healthy way.

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Food never fails to comforts the soul. We often cannot help but turn to food whenever we are feeling a down (or even when we are furious), and sometimes we find ourselves eating just a little more than necessary.

Instead of just eating, why not participate in a cooking class this Valentine’s Day to learn how to cook your favourite cuisine. You never know; such skills may come in handy in the future!

Dog Shelter

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On most days, we do forget to count our blessings. Especially the gift of having a roof over our heads, and a family that we can call our own.

Unfortunately, pets at pet shelters such as the SPCA are unable to enjoy such privileges and it is often due to neglect and disregard that they end up in these shelters in the first place.

If you are an animal lover, take some time out during your Valentine’s Day to volunteer at a pet shelter and share some love with these furry creatures!


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Valentine’s Day is also the perfect time to spoil yourself silly!

We put our hands through immense torture every single day, yet we hardly make any effort to moisturise our hands, or even give them a good massage once in awhile.

Take advantage of the “single time” you have as well as various Valentine’s Day promotions that nail salons are offering.

Tea In Bed

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At the end of the day, Valentine’s Day is an opportune time to reflect on the importance of loving yourself.

In today’s day and age, there are many of us who are so caught up with our studies and work. We leave little time to repair our broken hearts, and most of the time, we are extremely unforgiving of our flaws and our mistakes.

Before we can love, we need to learn to love ourselves first. For a meaningful Valentine’s Day, only spend your time pursuing the things that you love and activities that make you happy.