How To Make Affogato at Home And Simple Ways to Pimp it Up


What is an Affogato? Well, it is basically and typically a scoop of vanilla ice cream that is topped with a shot of hot espresso. Often, it can also be topped with coffee liqueur and served as a cocktail.

How great is this dessert/drink? You have all the goodness of ice cream, topped with the richness and boldness of an espresso shot. And if you are making this at home, you can always do your own version of it, pimp it out the way you want, and enjoy it while catching up on your favourite books.

Here is a simple tutorial on How to Make Affogato at Home & Simple Ways to Pimp it Up.

Espresso Shot

If you do not own an espresso/coffee machine, what you can do as an alternative is to use instant black coffee and concentrate it by only pouring a small amount of water to the mixture.

Tip: It is essential to use only black coffee as the ice cream in your affogato acts as the ‘creamer’ and ‘sugar’ in your coffee.


What you need:
1 tub of vanilla ice cream (or any ice cream you favour)
1 shot of espresso

Yes, that is all you need!

1. Prepare 1-2 scoops of ice cream in a bowl of cup.
2. Make a shot (or two) of espresso, or concentrated instant black coffee.
3. Pour it over your ice cream. Serve immediately.

Chocolate Affogato


For chocolate lovers out there, you would agree with us that chocolate and coffee is a classic combination that will always rejuvenate the soul.

What you need:
1 tub of chocolate ice cream
Your favourite chocolate bar or snack
1 shot of espresso

Repeat the steps above but use chocolate ice cream instead. You should add your chocolate before you pour espresso in so that it can melt just a little bit.

Berry Affogato


What you need:
1 handful of your favourite berries (washed)
1 tub of strawberry or raspberry ice cream
1 shot of espresso

Repeat steps above with the berry ice cream instead. For this, you can choose to add berries before or after espresso.

Isn’t making affogato at home really easy peasy? They are alternative drinks to serve your guests for house parties, too!

And for non-coffee drinkers, we suggest you experiment with matcha latte or Thai iced milk tea instead of espresso! It is time to get creative, and we promise it will be fun.

About the writer:
Cheryl is a staff writer for ladyironchef. She loves a good steak and an even better cuppa. She eats just about anything and everything. In her free time, she regularly starts on sci-fi or fantasy movie marathons.