6 Reasons Why Friends Who Eat Together, Stay Together


As they say, food brings people together and dining with the right group of friends just makes the food taste extra good. There is no greater feeling than being able to gather with your besties and to enjoy a 50% off dinner buffet you chanced upon on deal sites, or tempt them with pictures to try a newly opened eatery.

While it is perfectly fine to dine alone, eating with a companion gives you the liberty to share your opinions about anything, be it the food you are eating or the beautiful restaurant interior.

Face it – dining alone is just not as fun as dining with good company. Not convinced? Here are 6 Reasons Why Friends Who Eat Together Stay Together.


While you might be scorning over long waiting times when you dine during peak hours, take the time to catch up with your friends and on their lives. This is a good way to keep up with each others’ daily happenings, and in turn, strengthen the bond you have with your friends.

Laugh over silly stories or partake in a little gossip as conversations like these will upkeep the close-knit relationship. Of course, it makes waiting a lot shorter and less boring too!


You might have a hectic schedule at work, lots of commitments and meetings, but since we are all human, we all have to eat. Sneak in a quick lunch with your buddy or make time in between your appointments for a well-deserved dinner with your friends.

There are countless reasons to meet but eating is the most common one. You don’t really need an excuse to meet up with your pals anymore – just hook them in with a irresistible meal invitation, and you are set.

On the flip side, if you really need a reason to catch up with that one friend who is always busy or someone you miss terribly, then food is the way to go. Weekend brunch, afternoon tea and scones, an elaborate dinner, late-night desserts…

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Dining out is an opportunity to meet new people. When you dine out with friends, Friend A might ask out his colleague along, Friend B’s cousin might tag along, Friend C would have a neighbour who’s bored and needs to eat dinner too… Yipe, you understand the gist.

This is a great way to network and socialise with people whom you would otherwise never have a chance to meet! Forge new relationships and you will realise that you will be meeting people who share the same taste in food as you do. And that means you will have another reason to meet and dine.

Soon enough, you will be in group chats where you can always ask someone out when you need company for a meal, or when you need friends to check out that new place you found out about online.

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Dining alone or in a pair just wouldn’t give you enough chances to try out the many different dishes at every restaurant. However, when you are dining in a group, you can order more and be merrier. Communal dining is always heart-warming and it brings people closer, and when you dine with friends, everyone orders a favourite item or two, and we get a whole table of yummies and we can all dig in together.

This will give yet another reason to you and your friends to meet up more often. Gatherings make perfect excuses to pig out! #Glutton


Simply because we all worship food, yes?

Admit it, food is just too much a glorious thing to not love. Sharing this love with a bunch of your closest friends beats anything else.


Look – if slimming down is really mission impossible, then we say make your friends fat! Encourage them to eat, and have them eat with you. This is not evil; this is called going through thick and thin together. Oh, maybe there is no ‘thin’ here. But you get the idea.

About the writer:
Cheryl is a staff writer for ladyironchef. She loves a good steak and an even better cuppa. She eats just about anything and everything. In her free time, she regularly starts on sci-fi or fantasy movie marathons.