12 Best Photo Editing Apps That Will Make Your Food Photos Stand Out

Mobile Apps for Food

You might already have a few go-to apps to edit your food photos in your phone or simply edit with Instagram’s basic functions. However, there are hundreds and thousands of photo-editing apps out there, just waiting for you to explore.

Try a couple of different apps to find one that suits your style. Some have unique filter functions and some can create beautiful collages with just a few taps. After careful curating, we’ve put together a list of the Best Photo Editing Apps for Food. So get your creative juices flowing and have fun editing!



As the only paid for app on our list, Afterlight is basically an all-in-one app with countless functions. Besides the basic editing tools such as contrast/brightness settings or resizing, Afterlight lets you overlay different stencils and you can also add a layer of ‘dust’ or light leaks on top of your photos.

Pimp up your latest food photo with a cute stencil and adjust the opacity and colour to your preference.

Afterlight is S$1.72 on the iTunes store and S$1.24 on the Google play store.


#2 CAMERA360

This was probably the first photo editing app I’ve ever used and the app has seen some massive changes since their inception. Camera 360 works almost the same way as Afterlight, but with even more unique features. There is a ‘painting’ tool where you can transform any part of your photo into a masterpiece.

Set yourself apart from the hoi polloi of Instagrammers with this unique painting effect and we suggest adding other cool features such as their ‘shade’ function which adds in subtle but beautiful light overlays.

Camera360 is a free application.



Transform any simple photo to a complex piece of art with Filter Grid’s multiple filter functions where you can partition different filters within one photo.

Make your Instagram feed pop with multi-dimensional pictures that will catch anybody’s attention!

FilterGrid is a free application.



If you’re looking for a simple all-in-one editing app without the extra bling, FotoRus is all you need. Need to collage a photo? Add stickers? Adjust the photo’s brightness? FotoRus has it all.

FotoRus is a free application



As the application’s name suggests, Fused is an app that allows you to fuse a background image to a subject image in the foreground and lets you adjust the overlay amount to your preference.

If you’re having dinner and have a beautiful scenery photo handy, why not fuse these two images together to create a one-of-a-kind photo? The possibilities are endless.

Fused is a free application.



Layout is Instagram’s first secondary collage app that allows you to customise a collage to your preference. Choose between a whole list of collage types and post it straight to Instagram from the app.

Flip and adjust the images in the collage itself to ensure that every photo is positioned perfectly. Layout is the most user-friendly collage app available!

Layout is a free application.

Lens Distortions


Ever taken a photo and just think it needs a little something extra? Lens Distortions allows you to add on light hits, fog, shimmer or legacy to your photo.

Not enough bokeh on your photo? Fret not, add a subtle hint of ‘legacy’ to make your photos pop with just one simple step.

Lens Distortions is a free app.



If collaging photos just isn’t enough for you, Moldiv allows you to create magazine-style collages with simple and editable text on the side.

Feel like a professional graphic designer with just a simple few taps and voila! There are over a hundred choices available to choose from for which only about half are free.

Moldiv is a free application.



Enjoy all the basic tools of photo editing with Pixlr. Other than being extremely user-friendly, what we liked about this application is the array of different types of effects and overlays that enhances your photo.

Some features in Pixlr can only be unlocked if you pay so do double check before you click and buy an effect!

Pixlr is a free application.



If you want to do up a collage of all the food that you had that day, why not throw it all into a funky poster with the app, PosterLabs?

Three styles are available, Classic, Stylish and Minimal. The Minimal option collages your photo in a classic minimalist style, perfect for simple and clean looking photos. Use an Instagram photo-squarer such as Squaready and your food poster is good to post.

PosterLabs is a free application.



Powered by Google, Snapseed is the most powerful (and free) photo-editing application on the market. What came in handy is the ‘Selective’ function where you can select a certain area or spot of a photo to brighten or saturate.

This allows you to get the perfectly lighted photo, free of any over or underexposed patches. Snapseed also has great filters from Vintage styles to Retrolux.

Snapseed is a free application.



As one of the top free apps on the app store, VSCOCam’s preset filters are hard to dislike because they make any photo better. Choose from a wide range of free filters or splurge a little and buy some of their paid filters.

You can also use basic editing tools in VSCOCam and copy your own customized preset and paste it to other photos so you can save time on individually editing each and everyone of them.

VSCOCam is a free application.

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