LIC Homely food

Home cook fried rice. Sometimes when you had too much of good food, home cook food simply taste heavenly. For the past year because of you-know-what, i learned to appreciate my mom’s cooking, not that i don’t last time, just that when you finally miss something, you will know to appreciate it more.

I won’t swop my homely food for anything else. Even fried rice and fish taste so good, especially so when you eat it with your beloved family.

” Home is my base, you need to touch base “


Hello jiaying: Cheers, no la just to take photos for my readers den have to put so nicely : )

Hello sp: Go home and eat!!

Hello Priscilla: How can you not have them in years!! go buy nasi lemak. hahahaha

Hello Jasmin: hahaha, i always miss my mom homecook dish, they are the best!

Hello Camemberu: No leh, after looking at what DSLR can do, i feel my photos are not up to the mark yet. lol! need to get more pointers. haha!

Hello James: Yeah, i know just that don’t know how to spell. lol! no home cook food, but got delicacy what. hahaha

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