5 Things Travel Teaches you That You Won’t Learn in School

Travelling Life Lessons

Travel is the best education there is out there. Sure, you learn all sorts of important skills in school, there’s no discounting that, but travel offers you life experience in leaps and bounds. The lessons you discover about yourself, others and the world while traveling are incomparable to what you learn while sitting in a classroom. From weekend trips to month-long stays to a year of backpacking, there are life-defining moments etched into your journey when you leave the comfort of home to step into the unknown.

Here are 5 things you’ll learn while traveling that classes in school won’t teach you.


7 Life Lessons Learnt from A Trip to Nepal


Nearing the end of 2013, I was feeling jaded from my job as a writer. My performance was dipping and I realised it wasn’t the work that was changing – I was. It was time for a break – I needed some space to sort out the thoughts in my head and figure out what to do with my life (doesn’t everyone, at some point).

In March this year, I quit my job and went on a three-week volunteering trip to Nepal. I helped local villagers with their farm work and taught English at a school twice a week.

My time there was both fulfilling and difficult. Here are 7 life lessons that I learnt from a trip to Nepal, and hopefully they can benefit you too.