Tokyo’s Best Coffee Shops

Tokyo Best Coffee

Whenever I travel to a new city, I always make it my mission to look for good coffee joints, and my recent trip to Tokyo was no exception. We managed to check out many popular cafes that serve speciality coffee in the Capital city.

Where to find a good cup of coffee in Tokyo? Read on for our picks on the best coffee shops in Tokyo.


Tokyo’s Best Tonkatsu Restaurants – Where To Find The Best Katsu


A good tonkatsu is one that is deep-fried to golden brown, and texturised with crumbs, with the layers of meat intricate yet not overly oily, and is so good on its own that you might have forgotten it has other accompanying sauces like mustard and the sweet tonkatsu sauce. The meal is completed with miso soup, pickles, a huge pile of cabbage, and hot steaming rice.

Besides tonkatsu, there are variations such as Katsudon, pork cutlet with egg and onions on rice; Katsu Sandon, a tonkatsu sandwich; and Katsu-Kare, tonkatsu drizzled with Japanese curry. No matter which version, tonkatsu ranks as one of Japan’s favourite comfort food.

Which is the best tonkatsu in Tokyo? This is a constant debate among travellers and locals as the city has no shortage of good tonkatsuya. When we were in Tokyo recently, we went on a quest to find our favourite tonkatsu, and this is a list of the best Tonkatsu Restaurants in Tokyo.


Maisen Tonkatsu Tokyo

Maisen Tonkatsu

It is no secret that I love tonkatsu. Sushi and sashimi are great, but if I had to choose, I would go for tonkatsu anytime. So when I was in Tokyo last year, I made it my mission to find the best tonkatsu in the city.

There are many famous tonkatsu restaurants in Tokyo, but the place that everyone seems to agree is the best place to head to is Maisen Tonkatsu. They have many outlets in Tokyo, but go to the main shop in Aoyama – just a few blocks behind Omotesando Hills. The restaurant is located in a former World War II public bathhouse, which adds to the whole feel of dining there.


5 of the Best Patisseries in Tokyo

Henri Charpentier

It is no secret that we love our sweets. Tokyo is known for having amazing desserts, so you can imagine what a heaven that is for us. We’ve taken a few trips to the capital city of Japan, and each one had us falling in love with their exquisite selections.

It was so much fun going around all day, indulging in the prettiest cakes and finest sweets. And because the Japanese really take pride in what they serve on the table, there is no lack of patisseries to head to whenever we need some sugar rush. Here, we share 5 of the best Patisseries in Tokyo.


Things to do in Tokyo for Five Days

Mori Tower

Words and photographs by Jolene Koh of Cupcake Weekend

On the last week of May I treaded on nippon ground despite the many incessant warnings of radiation scares and it was a risk well taken. If a city could be a person then I was extremely impressed by Tokyo. She is indeed very magical with so much to explore, taste & feel. Tokyo is undoubtedly my Paris in Asia.

Here’s a quick travel guide on Things to do in Tokyo for five days.


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