6 Things That Make a Cafe a Good Cafe


These days, new cafes and speciality coffee joints sprout out every other week. Our little island is increasingly dotted with little gems and hideouts, and while we love that there are more options for our cafe-hopping adventures, it is with much regret that most of these places are mediocre and substantially empty in many terms.

We are probably not near saturation point yet, but with the opening of so many new cafes, those who want to survive in the market need to offer something special to distinguish themselves from their competitors.

What makes a cafe a good cafe? Is it a warm and inviting atmosphere? Or is it quality food and coffee? How about free wifi? And perhaps a library of good magazines?

Having been to countless impressionable cafes around the globe, we have seen, experienced and concluded 6 things that cafes can do to stand out from the crowd, and here are some pointers that we hope they can work on to improve the overall cafe experience.