7 Must-Try Local Food At Taiwan’s Jiufen Old Street


Jiufen is a mountainous attraction located at the Rui Fang District in New Taipei City. With the discovery of gold in the village during the Japanese Occupation, it has slowly boomed since then and is now one of the most favoured destinations among locals and tourists.

Other than being a popular filming spot, Jiufen is home to many incredible snacks and food, and traditional homemade snacks which you can bag home at really affordable prices.

Here are some of the Jiufen Must-Eats which you have to try at least once in your life!


Smith & Hsu – Our Favourite Tea Salon For The Best Scones In Taipei

Smith & Hsu

Quiet afternoons are meant for scones and tea. It is such an elegant combination and we can do with a good set anytime.

You need not be English to love scones and tea; you only need to find Smith & Hsu, and all is well. How this Taiwanese brand captured our hearts and made us fall head over heels in love with them is simple. And they cast the same spell on whoever steps in too. You’d never want to leave, simply because Smith & Hsu is indeed the best place for scones and tea in Taipei.


12 Things That Make Taiwan’s Convenience Stores So Awesome – They Have Everything You Need

Taiwan Convenience Stores

There are convenience stores everywhere in the world, but the ones that have our hearts are the ones in Taiwan. They are nothing but convenient. Sounds silly, but if you’ve stepped in to one at Taiwan, you would realize how much it eases your life!

You can find them everywhere – city or countryside – and the sheer array of services is why the Taiwanese love their convenience stores so much. Apart from the usual routines like picking up a snack or a drink, you can pay your utility bills, buy movie tickets, use the ATM, have your blood pressure measured, print documents and so much more – all within one convenience store.

The vast demographics that you can find in a convenience store speaks volume of the one-stop solution – suited executives seated with a cup of coffee each for a casual meeting, students eating a simple and cheap lunch, housewives running their errands and paying their bills, tourists stopping by to tap on the free wifi…

Here, we share 12 things that make Taiwan’s Convenience Stores So Awesome:


Guide to Taipei Yong Kang Street

Taipei Yong Kang GuideInfographic designed by Infographics.sg

Yong Kang Street is a dining destination in Taipei. Whether its cheap and delicious Taiwanese snacks like ‘cong zhua bing’, shaved ice mountain or beef noodles; nice and chic cafes where you can get a cup of good coffee and desserts; or niche boutiques selling lifestyle products – there are plenty of options at Yong Kang Street. You can easily spend a day wandering in the alleys.

Here is our guide to Taipei’s Yong Kang Street, featuring the niche boutiques, trendy cafes and local eateries.


Best Desserts in Taipei

Best Dessert Taipei

Regular readers will know that I am a big dessert lover. Whenever I travel to a city, I will make it my mission to track down the best dessert spots to satisfy my sweet tooth.

And it has been proven that I am not the only one. Desserts seem to be an Asian thing, and it is fast becoming a lifestyle to spend an afternoon at a dessert cafe, or to simply take-away some macarons and eat while you shop. Being a frequent visitor to Taipei, I have discovered that this city has many amazing French and Japanese patisseries and cake shops, and during my past few visits, I managed to check out quite a few highly raved dessert places. Here is a list of the best desserts in Taipei.


Hotel Éclat Taipei

Hotel Eclat

Most of the boutique hotels in Taipei are reasonably-priced, and you can easily find a place that is located in a convenient area like Taipei City Hall or Taipei Main Station. There are plenty of budget-friendly options, but if you are willing to pay a little more for accommodation, I would recommend Hotel Éclat in the Da-an district, which to me, is one of the top hotels in Taipei.


Hello Kitty Sweets Cafe Taipei

Hello Kitty Cafe

The whole world is crazy over the cat without mouth: Hello Kitty, the cat with the highest commercial value. Said to be born in London on November 01 1974, she is as tall as five apples, and weighs as much as three apples. And because she is portrayed as such a bright and kind-hearted girl who is always surrounded by many friends, Hello Kitty is a world phenomenon today.

Hello Kitty Sweets

Anything that has Hello Kitty stamped on it becomes a collectible, anywhere with Hello Kitty attracts great crowds. And this includes the ever popular Hello Kitty Sweets at Taipei – visited by endless crowds everyday from all over the globe.


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