Here’s What We Love About The New Park Hotel Alexandra + Win A Suite Staycation

Park Hotel Alexandra Singapore

As one of the newest hotels added to our cityscape, Park Hotel Alexandra is a hotel quite unlike the others in town. You might think it is strange to build a hotel in a relatively old neighbourhood, but that is precisely what had us falling in love.

Park Hotel Alexandra is no less polished and modern, and we have since had two staycations at the property. You bet we loved it.

Complete with an infinity pool, a premium roast buffet, one of the most gorgeous bars in Singapore and a stylish coffee place all within the premise, Park Hotel Alexandra is a charming one and here is Why You Should Avoid The Crowd in Town And Whisk Away to Park Hotel Alexandra.

To celebrate its grand opening, Park Hotel Alexandra has launched TRAILS OF ALEXANDRA, an interactive, discovery-oriented Facebook campaign. Stand to win attractive prizes including a 1-night staycation in a suite by answering a fun-filled quiz that revolves around the Alexandra neighbourhood! Scroll to the end of the article to find out more.


20 Hotels In Singapore Under S$300 That You Can Go For A Staycation

Singapore Best Hotels

Can’t get away for the weekend because there is no one to take care of your dog? Or do you just really need a short escape from the daily grind – even if it meant just for one night?

That is when you seek a respite within Singapore itself. And it is what we all call a “staycation”. For the uninitiated, the term might baffle a little, but it really means having a holiday outside of your house, but still within Home. More often than not, a staycation is a night’s stay at a lovely hotel, and it is one that is undisturbed and pampering all the same.

Hotel options in Singapore are aplenty, and whatever your budget is, there will be something that fits the bill. But budget for such “mini holidays” is a rising concern, and though we’d love to call The Westin Singapore home for a night, not everyone can afford to do that regularly.

But what if we told you there are actually a handful of staycation options in Singapore that are under S$300 per night? Yes, you heard us right. Here is the list you should totally bookmark. However, do note that hotel rates fluctuate every so often and different seasons call for different rates. And what we have here is accumulated based on our various research periods and occasional deals, so it does not speak for the hotel’s rates entirely. Be sure to check out the various properties’ social media pages for flash deals like we did!

Here are 20 hotels in Singapore under S$300 where you can go for a staycation at.


5 Ways Hoteliers Can Be Better Employers

How Hotels can be better

In our line of work, we meet people from the hotel industry a lot – Marketing Managers, Rooms Managers, Housekeeping staff, F&B staff… and while people in this industry are generally more exuberant, it is actually by no surprise that more often than not, they speak of their lethargy, unhappiness and lack of motivation too. And why is that so? Because only they are unsung heroes working hard behind the scenes. Their working hours are longer than usual, weekends and public holidays are always sacrificed; on the corporate side, promotions can be slow and remuneration is not very much better.

So what it takes to stay on is the sheer passion and love for the industry. But everyone gets worn out someday, somewhere. And can employers improve the situation for these staff, and up their happiness level to improve the overall productivity and sense of satisfaction?

Yes. They can. They sure can. Today, we look at five simple ways Hoteliers can refer to and reflect upon, to be better employers and to create a better workplace so as to keep your employees happy at work, and to attract more talents in to your property: