10 Uncharted Nature Trails In Singapore – Explore The Unexplored

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More often than not, when you ask your friends what they think of when you mention “work out”, the answer would most probably be three letters: GYM. So much so that hitting the gym has become more of a lifestyle than just a form of exercise.

Working out in space limited Singapore doesn’t always necessarily mean pumping the iron or stomping the treadmill. How does breaking out the sweat while being surrounded by nature and Instagram-worthy views sound like to you?

If you think the Southern Ridges and Sungei Buloh are all there is to nature in Singapore, think again! Here are 10 more uncharted nature trails in Singapore to feed either your need for green or, for the less interested, your Instagram fix in urban Singapore.


5 Incredible Nature Walks In Singapore That Bring You Into The Woods

Henderson Waves

As we return from our travels, we are truly reminded of home the moment we leave Changi Airport. From the beautifully manicured plants, to the neatly lined trees along the streets all the way to our destination, Singapore really does live up to her reputation as a Garden City. But beyond the picture-perfect, postcard-esque Gardens by the Bay and the Singapore Botanical Gardens, do you know that this tiny island also has a wild side?

In this very modern, ever-changing urban city, many of us easily overlook the existence of these beautiful natural areas. They are home to a diverse mix of insects and animals that some of us might not have even heard of. Not to forget, they also come with breathtaking views.

Here are five different places for a day away from urban Singapore, without having to leave on a jet plane.