16 Restaurants / Dining Areas in Singapore with Free Parking


Parking fees in Singapore are far from cheap and finding a carpark lot near your desired dining destination is definitely not the easiest task. We have also heard a fair share of embarrassing stories where drivers found themselves stuck in the carpark’s gantry due to their cashcards’ insufficient balances.

As avid drivers ourselves, we understand the hassle of finding convenient car parks and the need to constantly top up our cashcards. It seem almost brainless that one should top up your cashcards when they are nearly depleted of value – but trust us, this trivial errand never fail to slip off our minds.

Fortunately, there are actually several restaurants and dining areas in Singapore that offer free parking to guests and we are thrilled to share these exciting places! Read on more to find out where these dining destinations are.


La Villa Restaurant Singapore

La Villa Restaurant

Note: La Villa has closed and it is currently looking for a new location.

Everytime I eat at La Villa, I wonder why I don’t come here more often. Housed within the old school premises of River Valley Primary School, La Villa by the Senso Group is a charming Italian restaurant that not only has a nice interior, but also a beautiful al fresco dining area facing the garden.

Singapore has no shortage of good Italian restaurants, but La Villa might just be one of the better spots in town.