15 Cafes And Coffee Shops In Paris You Must Visit

Paris Cafe

Paris is beautiful, Paris is romantic, Paris is everything wonderful, but it may not be best known for cafes. But being such passionate people about coffee and a lovely ambiance we are, we knew we had to do this guide.

Because when we travel, we still want somewhere cozy to rest our feet, to grab a cuppa, to catch up on some emails, and to have a simple hearty meal, right? We hear you, and despite the challenge (there are only 36 proper cafes in the City of Love!), we managed to suss out some of the better ones in town.

Through locals’ recommendations, trial and error, and lots of walking, we present our Guide to 15 Cafes In Paris you must visit.


Paris in 48 Hours for First Timers

Paris Guide

Paris is always a good idea. There is something magical about the City of Love; an irresistible charm, an inexplicable beauty. Every turn is a surprise, and every corner is picturesque. Taking a trip to Paris is akin to picking up an international best-selling novel – with every chapter, you get sucked in even more, and you never want to put the book down; you only want to read on. It is like a never-ending quest to reach the ends of the city, and the only wish is for time to stand still so that you can be lost in this awe-inspiring spot on the globe.

Exploring Paris was an exhilarating experience for us, and apart from the language barrier that had us stuck in several situations and left us to communicate via sign languages, our week at Paris was nothing short of fulfilling. For first timers to the city, here are some of the things that you can do and see when you have 48 hours in Paris.