Tea Appreciation With The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf + The Exclusive Singapore Blend Tea

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (CBTL) is such a household name, one that we all grew up knowing, and one that we can find at any parts of Singapore. It is an affectionate brand that we are all familiar with, and many of us spent a good part of our teenage years studying at our favourite CBTL outlets.

We can all recite the must-order drinks – Authentic Tea Lattes and The Ultimate Ice Blended, anyone? Everyone loves them for these, but it is puzzling how their teas are not the top-of-mind items because they are The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, and that means they do their tea pretty damn well!

They sure do, and lately, we had a chance to attend a tea workshop conducted by CBTL’s master tea buyer-blender, David De Candia. It was an insightful session, and we are now converts – because CBTL has teas that are so fine, the world needs to know of them.

Also, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has specially launched an exclusive Singapore Blend Tea to celebrate┬áSingapore’s 50th birthday. It has hits all CBTL stores in Singapore, and will be available only throughout 2015.