8 Best Christmas Markets In London To Get You In The Festive Spirit

Christmas Markets In London Cover

Christmas is the best time of the year, and no other country celebrates it better than the United Kingdom. Besides the snow, the festive lights, and the array of fine festive foods, London is also best known for their Christmas markets.

From Scandinavian-style set-ups to festivals filled with irresistible finger food, and even workshops for you to release your inner crafter, the Londoners sure know how to plan a great Christmas market.

If you are planning on visiting the great city during this period, here are 8 Best Christmas Markets In London To Get You In The Festive Spirit.


8 Markets in London To Check Out

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London – the capital of England – has plentiful of markets that sell all sort of items thinkable. From vintage dresses, antiques, classic fish and chips, flowers to fresh produce; you name it, you got it.

London also happens to be our favourite city in the world, and we really love London for these markets. Each market is inherently unique and that makes it all the more exciting to explore all of them!

From the popular open-air Camden Market, beautiful Convent Garden Market to the world’s largest antique bazaar Portobello Road Market, here is our guide to 8 Markets In London To Check Out.