Hansel & Gretel Singapore

Hansel & Gretel

Words by Marilyn Huang, photographs by ladyironchef

You somehow know that you are in for a night of fun when the first line of the director’s message for the musical you are watching speaks of a nine-month old baby stuck to her boob.

That is exactly the kind of musical Hansel and Gretel is: hilarious, irreverent, spontaneous and like its director, Pam Oei, full of fun and creativity. Nothing binds the people of Singapore like their proud food culture, and what better way to showcase this love of food than through the quintessential food-centric fairy tale of Hansel and Gretel? Only this time, Creative Director Alfian Sa’at, Composer Elaine Chan and first time director Oei have reinvented this timeless tale into what could well be a Singapore’s classic.