10 Rooftop Bars In Jakarta That Will Make You Look Forward To Ladies’ Nights

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Jakarta is filled with gorgeous, towering skyscrapers and bustling nightlife. The city’s night scene is an experience you will not want to miss when you visit this dazzling city. Gather your girlfriends for a cocktail or two, immerse in the sounds of laughter and engage in hilarious up-to-date gossip.

Take some time out to unwind while you admire the panoramic views of Jakarta’s skyline. This is definitely one of the best ways to eliminate most sources of stress from your life.

Here is a list of amazing rooftop bars you can find in this thriving Indonesian capital with spectacular views.


10 Hotspots To See And Be Seen In Jakarta

Jakarta Restaurants

The hustle and bustle of the metropolitan Jakarta is dominated by the city’s young blood finding what’s hot in the latest social scene. Just like its neighbouring South East Asian capitals like Singapore and Bangkok, a high number of snazzy hangouts start popping up in different parts of the city.

Not to worry though, Jakarta definitely has something for everyone. Whether you’re the city’s cool hipsters, the exclusive elite club, the young and fabulous or the glamorous expats, you will find where you belong in Jakarta’s social scene.

But with such vibrant options of eateries and drinking haunts, don’t you sometimes get confused? Keep reading this guide that will spell out the 10 new hip destinations to check out in Jakarta!


Where to Eat in Jakarta

Where to eat in Jakarta

Being a third culture kid and having lived in several different countries, Jakarta is still always home to me. The vibrancy of the city itself with an increasing myriad of up-scale restaurants, cafes and polished bars just make Jakarta that much better place to live in. I have included a diverse list of some of my favorite places in the city that have the best cuisines, ambience and views to hang out at.

Here is our guide on Where to eat in Jakarta.