5 Hawker Stalls in Singapore with Wholegrain Dishes – Chicken Rice, Png Kueh, Min Jiang Kueh and More

HPB Hawker Cover Picture

A fit, well-balanced lifestyle is all the rage right now — as we become increasingly particular about consuming healthier food options, hawker stalls have also doled out more nutritious dining choices in their menus to encourage us to eat healthily.

Gone are the days of salt-laden or greasy hawker food, as these hawkers are serving low-calorie food choices and using healthier ingredients such as healthier cooking oils, wholegrains as well as lower-sugar drinks.

For the uninitiated, eating more wholegrains are full of nutrients and aids in reducing the risk of developing chronic diseases such as heart diseases, diabetes and certain cancers. Those who have been feasting during the festive season will be happy to know that wholegrains may help you to manage your weight as they provide bulk to the diet. This promotes the feeling of fullness and helps reduce the risk of overeating!

These healthier meal options will be here to stay, as they are part of the stall’s permanent core menu offerings. Diners can expect various hawker stalls serving different items — from savoury snacks such as toasts or Min Jiang Kueh to the well-loved Hainanese Chicken Rice — to be actively participating in the Healthier Dining Programme.

Here are five different hawker stalls in Singapore that have rolled out wholegrain options in their menu!


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