10 Durian Shops In Singapore To Order Delivery From During Durian Season

Best Places To Order Durian Delivery From This Season Cover Photo

To some, it’s custardy gold. To others, it’s overnight socks.

We’ve been over the durian debate way too many times to even want to try convince the naysayers. But, to the people who would gladly bathe in this sweet, creamy fruit, we bear great news — tis’ the season.

The bad boys are back. It’s finally time to reunite with your beloved Mao Shan Wang, Golden Phoenix or D24. We’ve rounded up 10 places to order durian delivery from in Singapore this durian season!

Apologies in advance to your neighbours.


Fruits Delivery Singapore – 13 Places In Singapore That Deliver Fresh Fruits To Your Home

fruit delivery cover page

Being stuck at home during this period can make us lose track of time; the days and weeks all feel the same and it is easy to slip into a monotonous routine during this excruciatingly difficult period. However, in the midst of everything, it is important to remember to take care of our health and wellbeing so as to not spiral out of control.

Aside from following Youtube workout videos and adopting good hygiene practices, one thing we should all try to do is to eat better so that our body has the fuel to function well. This includes our recommended daily intake of 2 servings of fruit a day.

If you don’t know how and where to stock up on fruits in Singapore, here is a list of 13 places that have fresh fruits delivery services so you can get #stayhome, get your fresh fruits online and enjoy them at home.