11 Restaurants in Singapore For Valentines Day That Won’t Hurt Your Wallet (Much)

Romantic Restaurants Collage

Valentine’s Day can be an incredibly expensive affair. While it is commonly known to be a romantic event for lovers to express their undying love to one another, many people also think of it as a money sucking holiday where people go broke because they feel the need to splurge on their partners in fear of looking like an utter scrooge.

If you’re feeling a tad bit broke this month and you’re still reeling from the damage done to your wallet during Christmas, fret not as we have come up with 11 affordable places for a romantic dinner that won’t make you look like a cheapskate.


15 Things Only Foodie Couples Will Understand – Breakfast in Bed And Food Dates


It is always nice to have someone to share your likes and hobbies with. Especially so if the person has the same obsessions as you do. Food is a universally-loved entity in itself and many people identify themselves as ‘foodies’ – us included.

Food dates, travelling for food, breakfast in bed and more. If you are lucky enough to be with someone who adores food as much as you do, things like these are frequent and aplenty; and it’s what keeps you going!

If you are in a food-centric relationship, you will probably relate to this list of 15 Things Only Foodie Couples Will Understand.